Metro Train Melbourne timetables are one of those jobs that have the devil living in the detail. A full timetable update has hundreds of spreadsheets of data that have to be turned into timetables, accurately and usually quite quickly. We have been producing timetables for the Melbourne metropolitan train operators since 2006 when the network was being run by Connex.

Prior to us producing the timetables, the problems were extensive and the process fraught with errors and delays. Our first job was to design a process that would prevent as many of those problems from occurring as possible, then create a checking process that would pick up the errors that couldn't be designed out. Over the years of producing the timetables, we have refined the process and updated the checklist, and developed an uncanny eye for picking up errors in times!! Truly a specialist skill, timetable production is at its heart a manufacturing process. With our background in Japanese manufacturing methodology, timetables and Hothouse Design are a perfect match.

The other part of being true timetable experts is our deep understanding of how design changes will impact the manufacturing process. This understanding only comes with the significant time spent on the work and absolute consistency of the people working on the job. Design changes are reviewed according to their ability to be implemented in a consistent, error free manner and in this way we are able to provide a valuable support service to Public Transport Victoria (PTV) when they propose design changes.