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Case Study
Client: Victoria Tourism Industry Council

Extend a basic style guide as needed for new collateral and build templates

VTIC went from sharing the resources of an in-house studio to having to manage their workload by themselves. When there is no in‑house design studio, work has to be outsourced and the job to do becomes project management and keeping on top of the cohesiveness of their branding. This is a common problem for organisations that aren't quite big enough to have a design manager.

The problem

VTIC not only had the problem of outsourcing its creative production but it had also the new responsibility of managing the Victorian Tourism Awards which has its own brand.

The solution

Extra hands, process, automation and templates.

VTIC had recently rebranded and had a new brand guide. But, like most small style guides, it only covered the basics and most of those hadn't had any real-world testing to make sure the designs worked in practice.

Over time we have refined their brand guide to reflect the requirements of real-world usage and have created a wide range of materials to match their new style:

  • certificates for student awards provides as a pdf form
  • EDM templates for the newsletter, sector updates and news
  • the annual report
  • pull-up banners
  • stationery
  • membership certificates
  • social media tiles
  • budget submissions.

VTIC was extremely busy during the COVID lockdowns in Victoria as the tourism industry was decimated. Making sure their digital materials were developed quickly and robustly so that the staff could keep getting their messages out was vital to helping VTIC support its industry.

VTIC annual report 2020-21 cover and inside spread

VTIC annual report 2020-21.

VTIC LinkedIn feeds, image tile designed in VTIC corporate styles

Social media tiles designed in VTIC corporate styles.

A digital presentation for the Victorian Top Tourism Town Awards 2021 evening

A presentation screen for the Victorian Top Tourism Town Awards 2021.

Various applications of the Victorian Tourism Awards 2021 design – a finalist certificate, an A5 program and an electronic direct mail

Various design applications of the Victorian Tourism Awards 2021 gala ceremony – finalist certificate, gala program and menu and digital invite EDM.

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