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Hothouse Design

We support in‑house design studios by taking on the projects that either create backlog internally, require different processes than are employed in‑house or where the in-house designers are needed to do design work and production can be outsourced to production experts.

Hothouse Design is a bunch of creative people with techy backgrounds. Founded back in the early 90's by Deirdre Wilson  and David White , we operate on the principles of quality assurance and process improvement derived from the manufacturing industries where we both started out.

We’ve been around now for more than 30 years with a really stable core staff. Why is this important? Because longevity means we have built many strong relationships with clients, suppliers and our staff. Having a stable core staff means we have an easy way of working together and a long memory for things that have either succeeded or failed. And we see patterns in the cycles of business and communication which we know how to adapt to.

All of the people who work at Hothouse Design come from somewhere other than graphic design. Some have graphic design training on top of their other skills but it is very important to us that we build our skills on top of a technical base. We have engineering, industrial design, and manufacturing as well as a few more eclectic skill sets such as furniture technology and flying. This variety provides a broad knowledge base to draw from.

As a consequence of our backgrounds and time spent doing what we do we have developed and focussed our core skill sets to creative production.