About Hothouse Design

Why Hothouse Design

In an increasingly competitive and visual world, you need experts to help build understanding, effect change and make memorable impacts on your audiences.

This is not about market positioning, this is making sure that when you need to communicate complex ideas, that those communications are designed for your audience and are developed on a framework that is designed to translate information into knowledge.

Hothouse Design is the only information design company that focuses solely on most cost sensitive element of your communication to customers, staff and stakeholders: your expert and complex information.

Decades of experience in explaining complexity enable us to work with our clients’ C-Suite, L&D Managers, senior marketing leaders, engineers and internal experts to help find the right way to communicate complexity.

Most of our experience has been focussed in transport, mining and infrastructure – we know these industries better than any other agency. And our staff have the technical background to back it up.

How do we make it happen? With capabilities like these:

We use design thinking frameworks to design for the end user

As information designers we take a user-centred approach to communicating complexity, framing the information to suit the user’s perspective.

Our creative process includes using design thinking frameworks to ensure that information is translated into knowledge using the appropriate visual language.

Our happy place is in the technical space

We love working with experts in the technical and engineering space. We can read engineering drawings, design production processes that work and aren’t freaked out by data and spreadsheets! Our team have both technical and design qualifications as well as years of experience in technical and engineering projects.

We invest in the actions that make relationships strong

Our clients and suppliers tell us that they like the way we work. We take a long term view to relationships and invest in the actions that deliver on the basics of being reliable, consistent and effective. That means having processes that work, being systematic and considering the needs of all the actors.

And we underpin that with living our values of telling the truth and respecting the people we work with.

About us

Hothouse Design is the only information design company focused exclusively on the most vital form of business communication: explaining complexity from an audience’s perspective.

Why from an audience’s perspective? Because if your audience, internal to the company or external, don’t understand your information then you have wasted your time.

Almost 30 years of experience has resulted in a process for developing information design tools based on a framework designed to translate information into knowledge that improves the effectiveness of information based communications and presentations.

Hothouse Design is a bunch of creative people with techy backgrounds. Founded back in the early 90's by Deirdre Wilson and David White, Hothouse Design is firmly based on the solid principles of quality assurance and process improvement derived from the manufacturing industry where we both started.


We are in it for the long haul. We are any ally, not a job shop. We work with you and your team to deliver extraordinary business value.

We engage with a limited number of clients so that we can provide depth of expertise and commitment to service. Most come via referral, some we invite.

Fees for our services are based on the value of our thinking and expertise, we do not charge by the hour.