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Case Study
Client: Yarra Trams

Accuracy and speed drive timely delivery of construction works notifications

Upgrades to the tram network in Melbourne require on-going, continuous communication to the wider community. Often requiring rapid turnaround near the delivery date, the notifications follow a set format for design and text.

The problem

There was no style for community notifications – these can’t be delivered using the style designed for passenger comms. So this project started with us extending the PTV (Public Transport Victoria) style to cover notifications about the impacts of construction works on the affected community.

The work then shifted to producing those notifications on an ongoing basis with the key requirements being accuracy of the style and very quick turnaround.

The solution

Process, tools, automations, templates and that extra set of hands.

While Yarra Trams undertake construction, we built a process with templates and automations that locked in as much knowledge about how projects work as possible. By using an online proofing process with workflows we ensure requests for changes aren't lost in email clutter.

Fast turnaround is achieved by having great processes and reducing errors everywhere in our business. Making sure there is no specialist expertise required for repeated work ensures there is always that extra set of hands available to do the job at the last minute.

Ongoing process improvement locks more knowledge into the process over time, making it easier to do the work and meet the deadlines.

A sample of a two page Yarra Trams A4 notification

A two-page A4 notification for the local residents.

A sample of a map in Public Transport Victoria styles

A traffic map in the PTY styles.

An artist's impression of a tram stop in the CBD with a 3D render of a tram

An artist's impression created for a proposed tram stop including a 3D render of a tram and tram stop.

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