Hothouse Design

Information design specialists

Helping experts communicate complexity

Build understanding. Effect change. Make it memorable.

Who do we work with?

Experts are everywhere but we usually work with experts in engineering, infrastructure, mining, utilities, public transport, government authorities, industry associations and RTOs.

What kind of work do we do?

Functional communication

When the purpose is clear

Pragmatic and creative support with developing tools to: train staff / explain how things work / collect data / distribute information and report on progress.

Strategic tools

Support materials designed to help with: convincing / establishing / positioning / impressing and delighting.

Sometimes it's complicated

Creative support to turn good ideas into great outcomes. Development of performance enhancing tools and templates to drive repeatable outcomes. Design of robust processes to turn large volumes of data into information rich outputs.

Design as an investment

Finding better ways

Why us?

We use design thinking frameworks to design for the end user.
Our happy place is in the technical space.
We invest in the actions that make relationships strong.

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