Road Schematics

Road Schematics


Traffic congestion management systems need schematics of the roads being monitored so that software opponents representing the in-situ control devices can be placed on a schema that represents the situation being monitored. Our road schematics are currently being used around Australia in the STREAMS Intelligent Transport System.

Operators using those systems need to know where they are in the road, what the physical road environment is and what environment the driver is experiencing.

To enable that uptake of information, we designed a visual language is readable without explanation. This reduces training time as new operators can to learn to use the system without having to learn a new visual language in order to read the schematic.

The schematics have been designed to be easy on the eye to reduce the fatigue associated with prolonged screen use. In order to work with the way that the operators recognise intersections, the shape of the intersections are maintained and further identifying information is revealed when zoomed in past the level of landmarks.

Zoom out and the shape of the road returns and is recognisable. Landmarks as well as road shape help operators locate themselves on the schematic.

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All of us at Hothouse Design have design as well as engineering, construction or manufacturing backgrounds. The visual language for and production of road schematics are the result of our unique blend of design and technical skills.

We have designed road schematics for the following organisations:

  • Department of Infrastructure Tasmania
  • Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland
  • Transmax
  • VicRoads

And the roads we have produced schematics for are:

  • Queensland – Bruce Highway
  • Queensland – Houghton Highway
  • Queensland – Ipswich Motorway
  • Queensland – Port of Brisbane Motorway
  • South Australia – Crafers Highway
  • Tasmania – East Tamar Highway
  • Tasmania – Tasman Highway
  • Victoria – M80
  • Victoria – M80 Calder Freeway – Sydney Road
  • Victoria – M80 Sunshine – Tilburn Road
  • Victoria – Monash Freeway
  • Victoria – Southern Link
  • Victoria – Westgate Freeway