Patient Education Tool

Patient Education Tool


This is an educational tool for nurses to use when explaining implanted ports to newly diagnosed cancer patients. It has been designed for use with people whose ability to use language and take in new information is compromised by the stress load of recent diagnosis.

The concept was developed and then tested with current cancer patients before being refined into its final form. It was designed to be sturdy and long lasting, with replaceable skin and a real port.

The goal of the design was to be able to show patients what was going to happen to them without the need for text. The design had to function without language as research had proved that patients' ability to understand language dropped with an increase in stress. The design gradually reveals more information so that the level of detail provided to patients can be controlled by the nurse using the tool. In this way, patients who want less information are served by the first panel and that panel can be opened to reveal more detail to patients who are reassured by knowing more.

The port tool can be used as a training tool for nurses learning to inject into ports as well as an educational tool for patients. The design of the tool allows for the artificial skin as well as the port to be removed and replaced, and has a drawer for sample needles so that nurses can show patients the available needles.

The tool was made by Megara who provided invaluable support and input into the construction design.