Network Line Speed Map

Network Line Speed Map


These train speed zone maps provide infrastructure workers with information that is essential to them being allowed access to work on the train network and to work in a safe manner. The safety precautions taken on work areas vary according to the speed zone that is being worked in.

Metro Trains had speed zone maps that used more than 12 colours to differentiate the speed zones. The map files themselves were not easily updated. Without accurate, up-to-date information, the infrastructure workers were not able to access the train network to do their work.

We designed a visual language that works in the low light conditions that were often part of the work environment and is readable regardless of any colour blindness issues. The new network schematic was built up as the speed zone data was verified.

Metro Trains need to maintain the maps themselves in order to have them absolutely up-to-date all the time. This means that our final maps had to be able to translate into AutoCad and also come out of AutoCad retaining all of the line builds accurately, whenever they need to be printed in different formats. The construction of the file to allow it to be translated in and out of AutoCad required collaboration between the Metro design engineers and Hothouse Design, something we really enjoy. And when the outcome serves several outcomes: safety, productivity, access, the results are all the more satisfying.