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What fun things are you doing? Someone asked me recently

Design Thinking

June 20, 2014

What fun things are you doing? Someone asked me recently

The answer depends on what it is that we are doing that is different to what you are doing. The grass is always greener on the other side so someone else's work can seem much more interesting especially when you are under pressure. At the time I was asked this question this is what we had on:

  • websites for: a xmas tree farm, a product wholesaler, an industry support organisation, a singing competition, an animal blood company,
  • a new road schematic and updates to an existing road schematic,
  • booklets and other collateral for accident prevention,
  • interactive forms for data collection,
  • print and online training for specific industry skills,
  • print materials and ads for a recycling scheme,
  • a poster for a charity golf competition,
  • train timetables, and
  • an annual report.

We think it is fun but there are moments when it is just overload! Around the time I had met someone setting up a new recycling plant, someone else running an aeroplane sales company and some wedding planners. Their businesses and industries all seemed incredibly interesting to me at the time, much more so than mine, but then mine is familiar and I see all the warts.

What fun things are you working on?
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It is nice when other people think your work is interesting or fun, fortunately mine usually is but, like everyone, I forget to put my head over the parapet occasionally. So keep asking 'what fun things have you been doing lately' because you give the person you are asking the opportunity to reframe their work and get a fresh perspective.