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Tips on working around motivation fatigue

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March 14, 2014

Tips on working around motivation fatigue

Motivation is like a muscle and fatigues during the day as you exercise it more, so use it when it is fresh and save the routine tasks that don't require you to be too present for later in the day.

It is really easy to be distracted by the huge volume of information available on the Internet. There are videos, blog posts, articles, case studies, websites, animated gifs, lol cats and the worlds shortest runways. But you can spend time exploring the richness of other peoples creative outpourings and get your own stuff done. How? Glad you asked. The answer lies in structuring your day so that you are using your ability to pay attention at its peak for the things that require it.

Create before you consume. Spend the early hours of the day getting your own creative work done then, later on, look at what everyone else has done. We are more motivated early in the day so it is the best time of day to tackle those tasks that require imagination, creativity or problem solving skills.

Later in the day, when your motivation is fading is the time that you need a bit of inspiration from other people so it makes sense to check out what others are doing when I your motivation is lower. Any inspiration you get from looking at other peoples stuff can be noted down and acted on in the early part of another day.