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Talking about lazy thinking

Smart Processes

September 26, 2016

Talking about lazy thinking

Later this week I am giving a talk to a bunch of clever women working in the supply chain industry. I have been thinking about what I can talk about that will be interesting and either refreshing or a inspiration top up.

Looking to our clients for inspiration, I realise that I have been getting interesting feedback from some of them lately. The feedback is good (phew!) and it is usually good feedback about the way we get to a solution – the process we use.

So I am going to talk about our process. A bit of show and tell will help explain how it can bring about good outcomes. And I will share some of our most useful tools.

At the heart of our process is making sure we are working on the right problem. Our process seems quite unremarkable to us. All we do is pull together a bunch of really basic tools that have been around forever and use them without thinking about them much.

We have not done any wheel reinventing because the basics that have been around forever work just fine. We don't think about them much because we have using these techniques for so long that they are second nature – ask my partner, he gets quite cross with all the questions I ask him!

I am going to frame the talk with why lazy thinking leads to dumb decisions and how to avoid lazy thinking in the first place. I will propose that lazy thinking comes from the pursuit of admiration rather than the pursuit of the trait that is likely to be admired.

Karen Hollenbach is on the program with me. I am looking forward to listening to her present about LinkedIn training and social media management. I am sure I will learn from her presentation.

If you want to know more about Women in Supply Chain try their website: http://womeninsupplychain.com.au/