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Pot cutaway diagrams

Behind the Scenes

August 7, 2014

 Pot cutaway diagrams

Martin Kellock Pots & Planters supply fabulous pots for use indoors. ‘But what about water leaking on my carpet?’ I imagine you asking me. Why you think I would know is anyone’s guess but in fact I do know – now. You see we have recently produced a series of cutaway diagrams showing how you can have your pot and not ruin your carpet.

The trick in making these easy to read, and thereby easy to understand, lies in editing the information being explained and having a hierarchy to the visual information. This sort of information hierarchy underpins any readable diagram.

You can tell if a designer has spent time working this out because this is what makes diagrams readable – if you can’t understand the diagram then either the designer hasn’t done their job well or you are looking at something above your pay grade. Don’t expect to understand diagrams about space shuttle maintenance if you are a short order cook.

Back to the pot cutaways – it is so much easier to explain how systems work if you have a picture to point to. These diagrams were developed for use on a display stand at a design show but will have a life beyond that show as they are a useful tool for explaining these watering systems.