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Drawing the Morgan Part 4

Behind the Scenes

October 30, 2013

Drawing the Morgan Part 4

When I first laid eyes on a Morgan, I was blown away by its body lines and shape. I think all that style is epitomised in the front guard. From the sweeping line of the runner, up and over the wheel, to the rolled edge and organic melding of the headlight housing into the guard, what looks difficult to construct was done with ease.

Why do I spend so much time drawing a Morgan? It's obvious, it's the sexiest car on the planet!
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To draw the wheel guard and headlight I started by constructing the headlight housing. This is then joined to the main panel. The trick to this is working out the alignment and number of polygons of the guard to factor in where the headlight joins – see below right.

The image below left shows an exploded view of the components of the headlight and the lamp glass.

The image below shows the completed headlight attached to the wheel guard. Making the opposite guard was easy – duplicate and flip the drawing – yes, this works in 3D just the same way it does in 2D which is very handy.