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Customer success story: Hothouse Design helps BBB help its members

Behind the Scenes

March 6, 2015

Customer success story: Hothouse Design helps BBB help its members

Sometimes Hothouse Design get the opportunity to build something that really works – and that is immensely satisfying. Late in 2014 we created this website for Bargain Boat Bits. Turnaround time was tight – about six weeks, followed by loads of skill transfer from us to our client.

What makes this website different, apart from having a really switched on client working closely with us to create all the content (which is unusual and a bit special) is the facility that we brought to the business. Bargain Boat Bits is a national buying group run from Melbourne. It buys boat bits - accessories - for its member stores to stock alongside boats, motors and other boating equipment. The stores are scattered around Australia so communication is phone or email.

What makes the BBB website different is the facility that it brings to the business.
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BBB wanted to service their members better by providing more information, a better service and building a better sense of community. And, of course, help them sell more product. Sell more product: we helped BBB do this by building an online shop that works and sales increased immediately.

Facilitating better communications was achieved by providing a secure zone (login area) for the members where they have a dashboard for accessing all the information they need on a daily basis. In that dashboard there are information sheets about new products, order forms for upcoming catalogues, a news feed where they can add news to share with each other, and access to a Digital Asset Management system. In the DAM they can find and share product images, artwork, archived catalogues, older new product sheets – any file that the organisation wants to make available to its members are stored in the DAM.

Now BBB head office is able to direct member enquiries to the dashboard so that the member can find answers to their questions at the time they need that answer, rather than when someone is available to answer. There is clarity about filing digital assets – no more duplicate files or wondering where they should be kept - all images, artwork and sharable content goes into the DAM for everyone to access.

The wins on this website were twofold – an increase in sales through the online store, and an increase in productivity for the company by facilitating information sharing and providing the right tools and the right process.

We are pretty chuffed about this job!