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Case study: Sydenham Occupation – route map changes

Information Design

May 29, 2013

Case study: Sydenham Occupation – route map changes

Isn't that deliciously dry – Sydenham Occupation route map changes. Funny thing is that we hear those sort of project descriptions and get a bit excited because it usually means that someone has a complex problem that they need to explain simply. And this was exactly one of those.

Track works at Sydenham resulted in buses replacing trains for a couple of weeks. Buses take different routes to trains and don't travel at the same speed or carry the same number of people. So the timetable and route was affected. But how?

There were pages and pages of spreadsheets chock full of train times and a desperate hope that there was a pattern that could be winkled out and explained. There was. It wasn't the pattern that everyone was expecting and the explanation wasn't what everyone expected either but it was simple and it did work. Have a look at our project for more details.