About Production Services

about production

We view the production part of design as a manufacturing process. Sometimes is a one-off, or a small batch or a short run or a repeatable product. We understand manufacturing having backgrounds in a variety of manufacturing companies as product and production designers with manufacturers that cover the gamut of small, large, international, local, highly automated, highly manual, ISO quality based, and designing their own quality systems. We understand costing for production, reducing waste costs, designing for lean production, designing out errors and the judicious use of technology and humans.

This puts us in a unique position when you need work done that either needs to be repeated regularly or has many variations on a central design. We are uniquely able to design a production process that ensure consistent outputs and is achievable in a manageable timeframe. For example train timetables for Metro Trains Melbourne have required us to turn 350 spreadsheets into four different kinds of printed timetable without error in a short timeframe. And then do it again the following year. Or, produce a magazine where the order of the articles isn’t decided until the last minute and several people collaborate on content and layout throughout production.

We support in‑house design studios by taking on the projects that either create backlog internally, require different processes than are employed in‑house or where the in-house designers are needed to do design work and production can be outsourced to production experts.

And we work directly for large companies with in‑house marketing departments and training centres. Ongoing, templated comms and training materials are the kiss of death to designers but they are a joy to us because we can stretch our creative muscles on finding ways to make them easier to produce and faster to turn around.

Horses for courses – if you employ designers then its best to have them designing rather than stretch them to produce efficiently. Production is a different skill to design and the best way to increase churn in your in-house studio is to expect designers to be good at production.

We also provide training for in‑house studios. We can help with scheduling, production techniques, project management and create custom training so studios get the best out of each experience.

our services

Design evaluation:

  • assess a design for its ability to be applied across the applications it needs to cover

Design extension:

  • where the existing style guide needs to be extended to include new templates for notifications, training materialsTemplate creation – creating templates for the various pieces of a style guide

Magazine production for:

  • in-house studios without sufficient resources to cover regular magazine production
  • an in-house studio requiring a new method of production that had greater flexibility in it

Report production for:

  • external consultants who need to deliver materials in the corporate style
  • an authority body conducting regular reviews of industry adherence to standards
  • industry authorities providing standards and best-practice guides
  • companies writing their own reports for varying internal/external audiences

Training materials – print and digital – for:

  • Registered Training Organisations developing content inhouse
  • external consultants developing content for RTOs
  • in-house teams creating content for in-house use
  • consultants developing content for companies
  • overseas markets
  • training organisations developing content for specific company use

Catalogue/Price list production:

  • where content needs to fill a template in the most efficient manner

Production process design for:

  • high risk jobs with risk of errors that are difficult to pick up e.g. train timetables
  • training manual development where trainee, facilitator and assessor versions need to be created from a single source
  • certifications and accreditations
  • repurposing of existing content to other uses

High volume production:

  • where many items needs to be produced to an existing style e.g. train timetables, food packaging and brochure suitesDaily repeated production of disruption comms including maps – where daily updates on the effect of construction comms on neighbourhoods need to be produced quickly, accurately and to the corporate style