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Comparing apples with oranges

Sales staff have a tough job. Customers walk into their showrooms and want to know why the product on the floor is better than something they have seen elsewhere. This requires the sales staff know all about the competitor product as well as all about their own. That amount of knowledge takes a long time to develop – if it develops at all.

This project was about removing the time component of developing product knowledge and instead, putting the product knowledge and, better still, the competitor product knowledge in the hands of the sales staff from their first day on the job.

The result is a tool, designed to be used on a tablet, that allows sales people access to data about their own and their competitor products. The left half of the screen shows their own product and the right half of the screen displayed only those competitor products that are a direct comparison. The data for each product is described the same way so that comparisons can be made.

There are layers of difficulty in this task because the way each company describes their produce is different and of course, each company emphasises the aspects they think makes theirs superior. But if a customer has specific requirements about torque or load capacity, then sales people need have the data in order to make comparisons.

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