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Tech magic – pdf forms that you can sign on iPads

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, October 09, 2013   


Tech magic is out there people but hardly anyone is using it. What about being out in the field with an interactive pdf checklist chock full of drop down menus and clever fields that you can use on your iPad? It gets better – what if you could sign it off with you finger. No, not that sort of finger sign! Then flatten it so it can't be changed and email it off to whoever needs the information.

Now I am on my uber soapbox, the one that combines two of my favourite soapboxes - checklists and productive technology. I love checklists, they save our 'bacon' on a regular basis. And I love productive technology that allows us to get through more and shunt the drone functions off to a tech solution.

A small example: I have installed a little program on my computer that opens up all the different programs I use in a day with one key stroke. Every morning I use it and delight in everything popping open for me while I do something else. 

That is multitasking – not this nonsense of splitting your attention between a bunch things and getting nowhere.

Back to checklists on iPads.

We are working with a client who is trialling forms that need to be signed in the field on iPads. We make the forms to fit the format of the iPad, load them up with as many drop-down lists and checkboxes as possible to reduce the need to enter data and add in signature collection areas as required.

No more paper and clipboards, no more lost paper, no more bad handwriting to decipher. Now they have pdfs of the completed, readable forms on record and are looking into adding other functionality to deal with the collected data – but baby steps first.

So, if you use checklists, sorry, if you know you should be using checklists but think they are dull, then think again. Checklists plus productive tech is very sexy!

Basics. Know what they are. Get them right. Repeat.

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